Join the Squad! Learn The Story of Yogome.

The Evil Queen Ignorantia

She has declared war against the knowledge, wants to dominate the planet and plunge it into chaos. Long ago she was trapped by the Great Five Ancient Masters but now she is free and powerfull enough to raise against the yogotars once more.

The Ignarus

They are the big army of the Queen, totally loyal to her and always prepared to do a mess on any place where they can be sent.

The Yogotars

You and your friends with the great mission of pursuit, defeat and catch the Queen Ignorantia and her minions across all the planets of the Yogome Universe and trough special missions.

The Great Zen Master Yogotar

Nobody knows how old is he but his level of knowledge is amazing, he learn a lot of techniques directly from the last of the Great Five Ancient Masters, at the Great Temple in Zen Woods he is always happy to train you.

The Mayor of Yogopolis

He rules the main city in yogome controlling business from other places and sending you special missions when he needs your help.

The Captain

From the Yogome Space Fortress he and his team are always monitoring the planets at Yogome in search for troubles by the ignarus and then assign them to you as missions.

The Great Five Ancient Masters

The wisest yogotars of all times, now just characters of legends in Yogome but when they lived defeated the Queen Ignorantia and confined to a secret place where she can’t do any more damage.

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