More than games... powerful learning tools.

Yogome's Mission

Since Yogome started the goal was clear, to help kids learn in a fun way with the help of technology.

All around the world educational levels are falling behind the fast social communication and technology growth, so besides of what they see in school kids need to develop skills and values to compete in a globalized environment.

That's why we are developing educational games for iPads and browsers, so kids can be learning and discovering the world they live in instead of just killing zombies and blowing things up.

The Team

Manolo Diaz

Co-Founder & Programmer

Passionate about education and technology, nothing can change the world but the education. When I'm not programming I'm playing superheroes with my little nephew.

Alberto Colin

Co-Founder & Illustrator

Almost ready!

Andres Torres

The DJ

Almost ready!

Aleksa Delsol


Almost ready!

Jacky Lara

Master in Pedagogics

Almost ready!

The SuperInvestors!

David Weekly

Mexican VC

Founder (PBworks, Hacker Dojo, SuperHappyDevHouse, Mexican.VC), hacker, gourmand, mentor, startup advsior, helicopter pilot, and adventurer.

Dave Mcclure

500 Startups

Dave uses his uncanny ability to function without sleep and frequent flyer miles to discover amazing geeks and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and around the world. Dave's ominous past includes work at Founders Fund, Facebook fBFund, PayPal,, and SimplyHired. Hillbilly VC & Mad Dancing Skillz.


We are still working trying to convince our mentors and our pedagogical advisors to have their yogotar done and join this website. We'll keep you posted!